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Academic year 2005/2006

Danielle Verbueken
12th August: Visit in Antwerp and to the St. Paulus church
Aug 12, 2006

On the 12th of August Roger led us through a small part of Antwerp while telling us great legends, interesting history and things that even local people would not know.
After a little tour through Antwerp old city centre, he took us to Saint Paulus church or the Church of the Rosary.
Beautiful church and incredible history and art.

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Danielle Verbueken
18th of June: coastal area of Belgium
Jun 19, 2006

We visited the Belgian coast:
first we went to the butterfly garden; then we headed for a short walk to the nature reserve Het Zwin where we had lots of fun (some of us at least!) crawling through the water, trying not to make a slip.
We left at 8:30 am (approx)
More info of the Butterfly garden at
Waterproof shoes seemed to be ok now. If not waterproof, it went on barefeet.
After the walk we had a picknick and a drink on Karibu!
At 2 pm we went to Knokke-Heist where a guide would lead us to see the : "Beaufort 2006 outside project". well if any of you guys have a picture of any of the beautiful works of Beaufort OUTSIDE!!! let me know! `-)
Pity the Magritte room in the Casino was closed to us.
But a nice walk through the city made it all up, didn't it? `-)
It was like the song where after each chorus a member of the group drops off, disappears :))
you were so right to disappear and I was soooooo jealeous I couldn't!
But you missed the guide's surprised face when he turned around at the last location and discovered that from 51 only 4 were left :))
This will be one of the anectodes we will remember and laugh at more then once!
It was great to be with such a happy crowd again! Looking forward for the next activity!

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Danielle Verbueken
21st of May: Maredsous and Molignée
May 21, 2006

Sunday, May 21 we leave for the Ardennes from parking 1 - building A (Campus Drie Eiken) at 8.30 a.m. sharp.

Between 10:30 and 12:00 we have a guided tour at Maredsous Abbey, see http://www.maredsous.be/index.php?id=4&L=2

After the tour we can relax at the tables outside and have the picnic we brought or
the delicious cheese, salami, pâté… we bought in the abbey! Karibu will gladly treat U to a nice abbey beer or soft drink.

The bus picks us up around 1:30 and takes us to the small village of Haut-Le-Wastia where we start our nature walk. Do not forget to bring something to drink for during the walk, and wear sturdy walking shoes. The walk takes ± two hours, so it is not suitable for small children.

The bus picks us up again and takes us to the Grand Hotel of the Molignée, where we can have a cold/hot drink before starting the journey home.
Back at Campus Drie Eiken around 7 - 7:30 p.m.

You can register with Martine Depauw or Danielle Verbueken , but keep in mind that your registration is only final after paying the fee. That is € 6 per person and includes the bus trip, the guided tour at the abbey and a free drink at lunch time. There is no charge for the walk 

Be quick to register, because only 50 people can come!

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Danielle Verbueken
23rd of April: trip to Haarlem and Keukenhof
Apr 23, 2006

It was a full packed day: first the early departure at 7:30 scheduled but postponed till 8 pm, then the guided trip in Haarlem, the flower parade exhibition and then an afternoon in Keukenhof where the rain tried to spoil our day but didn't really succeeded in doing so. There were many nice exhibitions inside the pavilions as well!
I gave around a paper to see if we broke an old record in the amount of different nationalities aboard but we didn't, we did however equaled our last one, dating from a trip to Namur: 21 different nationalities! That is quite something!
So here are the results in alfabetic order :)

Belgium 4
Brazil 2
China 17
Czech 1
Egypt 1
India 5
Iran 8
Italy 1
Lybia 2
Moldavie 4
Poland 5
Croatia 1
Romania 1
russia 8
Slovakia 1
South Africa 2
Syria 4
Turkish 2
Uganda 1
Ukrain 1
Uzbekistan 3

Any one who want to share his pictures, pls send it to my university adres and I will add them. Do mention the photographer's name! It will be added at the copyright space.

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Danielle Verbueken
26 March : Trip to Dendermonde
Mar 26, 2006

Dendermonde is situated in the Ghent-Brussels-Antwerp triangle, in East Flanders Province, see http://www.dendermonde.be/
Want to know more about this home town of "Ros Beiaard" ... then join us on Sunday March 26, 2006.

9:30 a.m. Departure by bus from Campus Drie Eiken, parking 1
10:30 a.m. Arrival in Dendermonde and are welcomed by the guide at Grote Markt; with coffee
and coockies
11:00 a.m. Guided visit to Our Lady Church
12:00 a.m. Guided visit to Town Hall
13:00 a.m. Those who are hungry can eat their picnic and have a drink at Theatre Café (no food for sale there!)
2 p.m. Walk “Where nature and culture meet”
4 p.m. Have a drink
4:30 p.m. End; departure by bus back to Campus Drie Eiken

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Danielle Verbueken
26th February: Carnival in Aalst
Feb 26, 2006

If you ask someone about Carnival, they immediatly associate it with a huge colourful parade with half naked exotic dansers and lot's of music.
Forget it... those are just parades.
The real Carnival is a very very old tradition that goes back to the Roman times. It starts from Saturday and goes till Tuesday. Some sources say that the word Carnival goes back to the Latin words "carne vale" (goodbye to meat) or "carne levare" (finishing of the meat). Shrove Tuesday (Fat Tuesday) is also known as Mardi Gras. It is the date that announces the end of Winter and the announcement of Spring. It is the last day before the fasting starts and every one is finishing up the Winter proviand.
It might find its origin in old Germanic/Roman and Celtic Spring or vertility festivals that later on was taken over by the catholic calender. It are the days when you could criticise the government, the church, when you could joke about things happened and all without being punished for it. It was the day you were allowed to get drunk and be some one else, hiding behind a mask you might switch even wifes for a day `-)
Ofcourse the one targetted by the jokes were not really happy to be the topic of laughter, and tried several times to censure the carnival, but in vain. Let's hope this will still be the same in this time when some people are not understanding the meaning of it all.

Aalst, a little city in Eastern Flanders still holds very much on this tradition.
Every one was a bit concerned what impact the rage about the Danish cartoonist would be but I think they handled it very well.
Aalst also has a tradition of making their own lyrics on some known melodies and in the real dialect, they sing it and dance on it during the parade.

To a foreigner it is not always obvious what it is about so as far as I can make out the topic (or think I can) I will add some small explication with the pictures.

At group 52 I was too froozen and went inside a pub for a warm soup. Sorry I missed taking the 18 last ones.
At a certain moment those with the huge red hats and black coats were standing with about 8 in front of us and not willing to move aside for at least 30 a 40 minutes, so I missed most of the groups there too not able to watch. I don't understand why people should be so ignorant. It is really a shame. They looked funny in the beginning but were a real annoyance to all the people they blocked the view, including little children. It is not that we didn't tried to ask them if they could move a little... they just refused.

After the parade we all head home by train and lucky we had some reservated places with our tickets, however some other travelers thought different about it and were occupying our seats or reacted very angry when we politely told them those seats were reserved for us. There were papers on the windows so they could read it from outside and inside the wagon. Some travelers even tried to tear the papers off the window to cheat... people uh!
Anyhow after an hour traveling we got home back in Antwerp and with those still having time and being thirsty, we went into the Poan Royal where they were so kind to redecorate their interior so we could all sit together for a last drink.
It was fun to have seen you :)
Till next time?

p.s. if you want to look at the pictures, you can reduce this text part by clicking on the little arrow up (where you also see "thumbnails")

Interesting link (choose your language): http://www.vastenavond.be/

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Danielle Verbueken
Guided visit by Antwerpen Averechts
Jan 22, 2006

Antwerpen Averechts is a guiding group that makes you get to know Antwerp in a different way. Here you might get some non-touristic information that you might miss on a regular tour. How did and do people live the way they do and did. We started at the Koninksplein and made a short stop at the Zoo entrance; had an explanation of the Central Station and on our way through the De Keyserlei and the Meir, we learned a bit about the history of the buildings and the painters on the statues. The last painter we reviewed was Peter Paulus Rubens at the Groenplaats, after that we went to the Market square where the tour ended.
The cold weather had invited most of the people in the city into the warm pubs so we had to find a pub that could house our group. Lucky there was still room in the Elfde Gebod (Eleventh Commandment) where we could enjoy warm and cold drinks, even mussels and ofcourse the nice international company we had the pleasure to meet.
Before we knew it got later then expected and the last ones went home at 8 pm.
Time sure flies by in nice company!
Till next activity!

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3-4 December Sintniklaas is coming!
Dec 3, 2005

Sint Niklaas is coming to the citycampus - Agora hall.
Every one with kids is welcome but subscription is obliged.
Take information at Martine Depauw.
Subscriptions ends after 26th October!
So be quick!
for pictures look at the Personel website:

Hopefully next year we can great more of our Karibu members there.
Just keep an eye on the time of subscription.
If you are too late, you miss a good kid's party.

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Danielle Verbueken
20th November a trip to Liège
Nov 20, 2005

On 20th November we hired a bus and drove all the way to Liège, a city not so frequently visited by Belgians from the other region.
During the morning we had a terrific guiding tour along the most prominent places and buildings and we learned about some legends and - what is even more interesting to know - the way people used to and still live here.
After all these stories we went to have a drink. Some of us tried the local pékèt, which is like gin, jenever or schnaps.
Warmed up, we made a short tour over the huge (6 km of stands in total) market to end up at the museum where we would enjoy the exhibition of Europalia Russia.
Pity something went wrong with the reservation of a guide, but nevertheless we enjoyed all those paintings from previous Russia. We spent almost an hour in that particular exhibition.
Misko suddenly had the brilliant idea to ask if there are other levels and works we could visit. Few minutes later we went all up till 4th floor and walked our way down again. Another hour went by and now it was time to return to the bus that was waiting in front of La maison du tourisme.
Till next activity!

I went to revisit Liege on 4th of December when you had the Christmass Village happening.
I took a big walk and you can enjoy the pictures on:

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Danielle Verbueken
Karibu trip in Antwerp
Oct 14, 2005

On 15th of October we went to visit Antwerp's most Unesco protected monument: the Plantyn Moretus Museum and during the afternoon we visited the Rubenshouse.

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Danielle Verbueken
18th September Geitestoet in Wilrijk
Sep 18, 2005

5 annual parade in Wilrijk depicting the history of the place

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