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23rd of April: trip to Haarlem and Keukenhof

It was a full packed day: first the early departure at 7:30 scheduled but postponed till 8 pm, then the guided trip in Haarlem, the flower parade exhibition and then an afternoon in Keukenhof where the rain tried to spoil our day but didn't really succeeded in doing so. There were many nice exhibitions inside the pavilions as well!
I gave around a paper to see if we broke an old record in the amount of different nationalities aboard but we didn't, we did however equaled our last one, dating from a trip to Namur: 21 different nationalities! That is quite something!
So here are the results in alfabetic order :)

Belgium 4
Brazil 2
China 17
Czech 1
Egypt 1
India 5
Iran 8
Italy 1
Lybia 2
Moldavie 4
Poland 5
Croatia 1
Romania 1
russia 8
Slovakia 1
South Africa 2
Syria 4
Turkish 2
Uganda 1
Ukrain 1
Uzbekistan 3

Any one who want to share his pictures, pls send it to my university adres and I will add them. Do mention the photographer's name! It will be added at the copyright space.

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