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Academic year 2006/2007

Activities of Karibu during the 2006/2007 academic year

Danielle Verbueken
24th June: cycling for life!!!!
Jun 24, 2007

Urgent subscribe if you want to participate in cycling or walking. You get even a free lunchpackage in a sack.

for Antwerp
and make your choice.

ALREADY several members of KARIBU are going to join the long cycling tour!
See you there on 24th???

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Makarovska Yaroslava & Darchuk Larysa
2nd June: walking tour pictures
Jun 2, 2007

This is a collection of beautiful pictures taken by Yaroslava and Larysa when they joined the walking tour, lead by Orfa and Fons.
It sure looks beautiful!

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2nd June: cycling and walking tour
Jun 2, 2007
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Danielle & Tom
12th of May: visit to the zoo and some drinks afterwards
May 12, 2007

Thank you Tomas for assisting me with the photographs :)

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22nd April: Trip to Vredeshof and Kesselse Heide
Apr 22, 2007

Thank you Piotr for the lovely pictures!

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17 March: trip to Bruges MORE! pictures
Mar 17, 2007

From Masha and Tomas.

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17th March: visit to Bruges
Mar 17, 2007

On 17th of March we went to Bruges. First we considered going by train but due to works we hired a bus again. Appointment 9u30 am at parking 1.
49 people made it that morning and the grey sky in Antwerp changed, soon we got closer to Bruges, in a wonderful blue.
We made a little walk through the Minnewaterpark,then Beguinage to end up at the brewery museum/pub Halve Maan (half moon).
After a tour in the brewery and a nice view from the roof of their building, we enjoyed a degustation. After this a walk to the chocolat museum where we had an appointment at 2:30 pm.
The guides were a bit surprised of the bignes of the group: 25 and 24 each was huge, 15 would have been ideal (we'll keep that in mind!).
We tasted some of the home made chocolate pallets and learned about the history of chocolate, cacao beans and pralines.
After this every one had free time till 7 pm to discover the city. Good we all had a map :)
Often groups fell apart during the walk. No wonder as Bruges is breath taking and you soon might forget to catch up with the others :)
But no worries... every one found their way back to the bus where we enjoyed some of the great excellent pralines Karibu bought.
Till next time!

First series of pictures so far are by Danielle and from halfway the brewery degustation, Tomas took over :)
Thank you Nora for yours! They are marvelous. Got more? :)

If you have any you want to share, do send up !

OK and then now the official results of the competition of nations !

PR China 13
Poland 12,5
Belgium 4,5
Romania 3
Ukraine 3
Brazilia 2
Czech R. 2
India 2
Lybia 2
Vietnam 2
Hungary 1
R. Moldova 1
Russia 1

Where is that half coming from ? :))

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24th February: Eupen
Feb 24, 2007

We went to Eupen on a short guided city walk.
Eupen is in the German speaking area of Belgium and belonged to Belgium after WWI and after WWII. In between is has been re-annexed to Germany during 4 years previous to 1940, the start of WWII in Belgium.
In the afternoon we went for a walk to the artificial lake of Wesertal.
First we went for our lunch and a drink at the local cafetaria.
Despite the guy there was a bit in panic to see all 43 of us entering, he did his very best to serve us as soon as possible.
The walk started in the sunshine and just before the first shower we lost Fons and 2 more members who went a seperate way.
We were called back by the forrest keeper (or whatever).
Fortunately a walk around a lake should not be so difficult to lose your track and we met up with Fons again after a few kilometer.
3,5 hours of walking was a great opportunity to talk and get to know eachother better.
I am sure new contacts and friendships are made during our walk.
Thanks to Fons and Orfa, who joined us and took care of us during the walk!

Thank (or not thank at all??? JOKING!) to Tomas who got bit by the photography virus and shot everyone ... even when they had no idea !

But his pictures proof we all had a great day and we all will sleep well , some already started doing so in the bus :)

As for the nationalities on the bus:
that were 16 in total! not bad for 43 people
so here are the results:
Iran : 5
Poland: 5
Belgium: 4
Holland: 4
Russian: 4
Vietnam: 4
Hungary: 3
Libya: 3
Austria: 2
China: 2
South Africa: 2
Brazil: 1
Czech Republic: 1
Germany: 1
Romania: 1
Slovania: 1 BRRRRIIIIIEEEPPPP Wrong! :)
Slovakia: !

p.s. Thank you Masha for your additional pictures of this trip!

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Danielle Verbueken
25th January: Indian violist playing in Zuiderpershuis
Jan 25, 2007
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Danielle Verbueken
17th December: trip to Brussels
Dec 17, 2006

On Sunday we took the train to Brussels North from where we started to walk down (or was it up?) the boulevard that brought us to the Basilic of Koekelberg where we could view not only the temporary nativity exhibition (pity the Bohemian one was missing!) but also the great panoramic view over Brussels.
After the visit we opened some bottles of jenever (lemon; passion fruit and cactus) and shared several fruit juices to reward ourselves for that long hours on feet.
We decided to take the metro to Place Saint Catherine where we could enjoy the Christmas market.
Some went around to look at the stands, some brave went into the huge wheel (which gave a nice look over the Christmas market); hungry ones took Belgian fries or other snacks sold on the market.
From here we walked through the decorated streets towards the Grand Place or Grote Markt. There you could see a huge christmas tree, laser light show and a big nativity composition with real sheeps.
Every one had their own train ticket so was free to leave when they felt like.
I hope all enjoyed the day !

If you have nice or funny pictures of this day you want to share, don't hesitate to send them. Make sure your name is with the email so I can add it with your pictures.

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Danielle Verbueken
30 October we got the Halloween Blues!
Oct 30, 2006

Guy Davis and Nerak Roth Patterson spoiled us during this evening with a magnificient blues performance.
I will remember the chocolate man and the lost rooster :)
and all the other magnificient songs that just kept you jumping up and make you feet move.
I hope to meet them up again one day, they are not only great musicians but great people too!

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Danielle Verbueken
6th of October: Visiting Westmalle ending drinking one (or two)
Oct 6, 2006

The wind was blowing away the remainings of the clouds that brought us rain in the morning. Now the sun was shining. Excellent weather for a walk in Westmalle. But first we were allowed (exceptionel) to enter the abby and have a look in the reception room and the chapel.

After the 8 km walk, we were rewarded with a drink by Karibu. Ofcourse being in Westmalle, most of us tried out this excellent trappist beer.
It was Jelena's last Karibu trip before she goes home again to Croatia. Good luck Jelena !

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